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Simple. Efficient. Lifesaving.

Nearby Assistance

Find the nearest hospital, police station, fire station, towing service, auto shop, and hotel.

Location Detection

Helps prepare your device for optimum location detection.

Email & Cell Text

Auto text multiple family members your location when a 911 call is initiated.

Smart Watch

When you cannot reach your phone

The Apple Watch and Pebble Watch allow you to send a distress signal to family members when your phone is not within reach.

For the iPhone, you can trigger a call to 911 from your Watch.

Apple Watch Pebble

Indoor / Outdoor Geo Tagging

Scan a QR Geo Tag with 911 Help SMS.

Click here to create a Geo Tag

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Contacting Family

When you tap on Call 911, the App will email and text multiple family members your current location information and inform them that you need assistance.


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Absolutely! When Texting 911, the App will include your current address so that you would not need to type it in yourself. Texting to 911 is not yet in all cities, but the list of cities adopting Texting 911 is expanding.
View areas accepting Text 911 (Excel spreadsheet)

The Lite version allows you one family contact. The Pro version allows you up to 6 family contacts. The Pro version works with the Pebble Watch and the Apple Watch.

Yes it does. Just make sure you include the country code when you are entering in the phone number for family contacts.
View country codes

Yes! The Lite version is a free app.

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